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Our Amazing Features

Are you traveling to a new city? Did you just move into a new neighborhood? Pointgenie makes finding nearby places a breeze. Discovering the happening around you has never been so simple.

Connect Locally

Instantly connect with local insiders based on your location and receive ask for tips and updates about the ambience vibes in real-time.

Places Insights

Check-in into places take a new approach, moving away from traditional outdate reviews we bring real and honest tips from people in the places.

Earn Rewards

For every activity in the app you earn, sharing a post, check-in into places and reporting the status are awarded with points.


Unlimited Posibilities

Social media platforms earn millions with your content, now your amazing content is your and you are rewarded for creating it.

Encrypted Messaging

Now you don't need to rely on third party apps to communicate with friends inside the ecosystem, all your chats are in one place.

Waiting Times

Stop guessing and arrive at the right place at the right time, know ahead about waiting times, inline and to be seated.

How We Do It

First, launch a search Around you. Launch the navigation from the app and once you arrive tap the check-in button to share your perception of the place.

Second, just relax, after submiting you check-in a message will display showing you the points earned, now your check-in will be available to others user on the home section.

Finally, After the points are awarded will be available instantly on your profile screen where you can see your total points. Conquer the leaderboard and become the king of the city.


Why Choose Us

Seamless Interface

With an intuitive,simple and elegant design Pointgenie promise to keep it simple for you

No More Guessing

Stop guessing where to go and get it right the first time, save time and money

Crowd Insights

Surround yourself with the perfect crowd and get the perfect experience you deserve

Don’t miss out, Be the first to know

Get notified about app updates, features, as well as other important news about our project

What our Users say!

Become a celebrity in any location and conquer the city. Do not risk your most valuable asset “YOUR TIME” and find yourself caught in long queues, at the wrong place and with the wrong crowd.

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