How does it work?

After joining PointGenie and creating a profile, a home user can simply use the service’s search engine to find the “perfect” spot for some evening entertainment. Users can use search parameters that include types of business: bar, lounge, nightclubs etc.

 The location of each participating business and consumers would be accurately pinpointed on the application downloaded to the phone or from the your web browser when logged in to PointGenie ensuring that the consumers easily and accurately find the perfect place to go. Once the perfect locale is determined, a user would be able to view other real-time stats of the establishment such as how many people are there, if there are any specials for the night, or even if some of your friends are already there.

How we do it?

We use the GPS Location WIO users to populate our database and make this information available for other users. Everything happening in PointGenie is in real time. But do not be worried, we care about your privacy, you can always modify the level of privacy in User Settings