Frequently asked question


  1. What is PointGenie?   We are the new alternative to save time and money when you have a couple hours for enjoyment, we know in some point of your live you were trapped with the questions; what party is popping’s tonight around me? That is only one of the commons questions for any human being from 18-55 age.

  2. What separate PointGenie from the rest? It’s the sophisticated searches you can perform in our app such as; How many men or women are at a specific bar, lounge or nightclub.

  3. How does it work? Once you create your profile you can start to search for the places around you with a specific crowd in mind.

  4. How the app gets the information? The app collects data from users and a business owner that agrees to share this data.

  5. Is it only a mobile app or there is a website? Of course there is a website, the app it’s in continue development, the website deliver more features by the moment.

  6. Will people and my friends know where I am all the time? Not necessarily, the app has privacy features to protect your identity.

  7. Can I met new people with my same interest? PointGenie has a ton of features to help you to meet and connect with real people around you in real-time. Maybe you can find your soul mate here.

  8. Can I share my activity from PointGenie with my Facebook friends? Yes, you can! Check-ins, photos and comments can be share on Facebook.