PointGenie Mission and Vision


Our Mission is to connect the world of business and consumers on one single platform offering our members the most accurate statistics in real-time, thus allowing users to better explore the world around them.

Our commitment is to provide businesses with a large-scale marketing tool and give our consumers the most valuable advice on the better choices for social events and places at any given time.


Our vision is to create a long-term relationship between a business and their consumers. Our innovative tools allow us to be the link that makes their social interaction possible.

As an organization, we also strongly believe in lasting relationships and promote the growth of our employees within the company.


PointGenie is a social media geo-marketing/location-based network where people share their locations with friends. You can share your location and attendee statistics with your friends as well as interact with the world around you.

We are here to solve that recurring problem of finding the perfect place to go to on any given night. For that reason, we developed an innovative and easy to use application that includes mobile integration with a website.

As an application tool for both businesses and consumers who use today's technology such as computers and smart phones to connect with each other based on a particular entertainment venue. As such, one would be able to instantly research a night club, restaurant, bar, or similar establishment, and see the offering by that business, as well as the ability to view real-time statistics of  PointGenie members who frequent the establishment. This concept would provide constant updates of attendees and events combined with the revolutionary concept of social networking.